Thinking about volunteering for Animal Rescue of the Rockies or adopting a pet?  Here are some of our favorite testimonials:

You’ll be happy to know that little Luna is doing awesome. She’s flourishing physically–a nice 13 pounds now, up from a skeletal 5 pounds when she arrived. She’s shiny and happy and round in all the right places, and her many bald spots have nearly all filled in. What a beautiful thing ARR did giving these little girls a chance! Luna was spayed today and according to the vet is a mere 10 weeks old–nowhere near the 13+ weeks the shelter pegged her at! It’s hard to image what kind of future this wee one would have had, if any, if ARR hadn’t stepped up.

This organization you built–it is a great gift to the world and to each of the thousands of animal and human lives you touch. I’m so honored to be involved. Little Luna sure thanks you.

Chelsey Baker-Hauck

loyal ARR foster mom

Thank you for this honor; however, nothing I do could be done in isolation.  It truly is the entire team, deserving this recognition.  I am proud to work for such a great organization.  ARR truly has the most caring, dedicated, reliable and FUN volunteers!  Thanks again!

Kristin Parsons

ARR's November 2013 Volunteer of the Month

A plea to save two doggies is what brought me and my husband into ARR as well!  That was November of 2010, and we have been doing it ever since, because as you know, there is no end to the lives that have to be saved!!  It is true when is it said that the doggies save us!!

ARR has such terrific people, with loving hearts, who have become great friends, and we have met great people in the adopters we have met!!  What a great life experience it has been!!

I can’t tell you what Joy it has brought to my life, and still is!!

Sandy Stevens

ARR's August 2013 Volunteer of the Month

Thank you for the warm wishes! A plea to save a dog from euthanasia is what brought me first to ARR, and I now am a dedicated supporter of this organization for life. Everyone here has a heart of gold and it comes through in every kind and encouraging email. Day in and day out, you guys are always positive. The goal of every rescue is to help the animals but the people of ARR are really who make this rescue so great. Thank you again everyone!!

Heleena Hufnagel

ARR Volunteer

I came in 2010 to save an old boy. I love this Rescue and the people in it are wonderful. I also enjoy reading all the emails.

Being involved here has greatly added to my life. Yes Sandy, I agree doggies save us.
Rita Hoffman

ARR Volunteer

I totally agree, if it weren’t for ARR and all my new and dear friends (volunteers) I’m not sure I would be here.  ARR came into my life when things were pretty bleak and I thank God daily for the people and dogs in this organization.   Dogs, cats sometimes are better than all the therapy and drugs in the world.  Thanks to all!

Sue Bloczynski

One of ARR's adoption event volunteers and fosters

I’ve only been with you wonderful people for a few months but I can’t imagine not being associated with ARR now.  Years ago when I set up my online banking account, one of my security questions was “what is your dream job”, my answer was animal care and it has come true in a great way.  All who know me, know that I love animals and make them my priority even over people sometimes because they can’t speak for themselves.

Sue Bloczynski

One of ARR's adoption event volunteers and fosters