Have you always wanted to help animals but weren’t sure how? You’re in the right place!

While helping animals can take many forms, one very important way is to become an ARR volunteer. At ARR, we simply could not do what we do to save at-risk dogs and cats without our dedicated, passionate volunteers! 

When you become an ARR volunteer, you’ll become a part of a wonderful network of people who love animals just like you. Every volunteer role is important because it takes many pieces of the puzzle to form the complete picture.  

By working together as a team, we’re able to accomplish far more than any one person can do. As an ARR volunteer, you can feel proud that you are playing a part in saving a homeless pet’s life!  

There are several ways to help ARR as a volunteer:

Do you enjoy the “hands on” experience with animals?  If so, you might want to try fostering a dog or cat, help out at adoption events, or give a pet a ride to the vet or to a new home.

Is “at home” work easier to fit into your schedule?  No problem! We always need help with administrative tasks such as phone calls, database entries, and other tasks.

How to get started as a volunteer:

To find out what specific skills and abilities we could really use help with right now, you can check here:

Or, you can just let us know about you and your areas of interest by filling out our Volunteer Interest Survey and Waiver below.

If you have any questions, please reach out by phone or email.  We look forward to hearing from you!