Rainbow Bridge Tribute – Molly

by | Feb 2, 2021 | Rainbow Bridge Tributes

Molly Elizabeth Kranz, was born October 1, 2006 in the Bahamas. She was rescued from a life of pain and starvation and brought to Colorado. During such an adoption event we walked past her and that’s when she decided on us. In July of 2013; Molly rescued us. She filled an aching hole in our hearts, and gave us so much love and tenderness.

Her gentleness extended out to everyone that she met. She was a lover, for sure! She had so many allergies and ailments, but she lived her life like every other furry friend- happy and knowing that she was loved.
In August we got news that her health turned bad but had hope that with meds that we may have time still. The medicine seemed to have worked for awhile, then her eyesight went. She had her good days and bad days, but Cancer took its toll on her.

Molly Elizabeth is pain free as of this afternoon. November 18, 2019. She will be missed by all that has loved her so dearly, ARR, the Vets, Meghan, especially her daddy and I.

Jerry and Rose Kranz