by | Sep 22, 2022 | Success Stories

Foster Fail Galyth found his furever home with his foster parents, Mike and Kieran. Galyth took 3 months to warm up to them, and they couldn’t let him go! Here is what they have to say about Galyth:

“He is so happy at our house, I cannot imagine putting him through another potentially long and possibly traumatic transition with anyone else. I am also fairly confident that no application you send will ever feel ‘right’ to me. I am so protective of this little guy, that if he were ever to be adopted by anyone else, I would live in constant worry – afraid that he would be scared and feel rejected (again!) and terrified that he would escape. Galyth fits in perfectly with our crew – he loves everyone and they love him. He still has some quirks, of course, but they make him who he is! We love him so much that we (especially I) cannot imagine him going to live anywhere else!”