Welcome to Our Happy Tails!
If you have adopted from A.R.R. and you would like to tell the world how much you love your pet, please send an email and your pet’s photo to us at: arrcolorado@gmail.com, and we will post it for you!

Zoey – Just wanted to send a little update on Frisky now Zoey (black and brown one). My boyfriend and I have been fostering with ARR a few years now and Kona was our first foster fail. We were low key looking for a second dog when Frisky came to us as a foster, we knew we were keeping her after 24 hours! It’s been so much fun watching them bond and they are just the cutest peas in a pod. Thank you ARR for bringing in homeless pets so they can live their best life with forever families, we are getting Zoey all trained up and then we can’t wait to foster again!
-Amanda, Dylan, Kona & Zoey

Sadie – About 6 months ago we adopted our newest family member Sadie (formerly known as Sisy). I have to say we have never been happier! She loves her toys, her walks, her kiddie pool, and especially the dog park. It’s hard to imagine a time when we didn’t have our little love bug keeping our feet warm at night and waking us up in the morning with puppy kisses! We wanted to give Animal Rescue of the Rockies a big thank you for letting us be Sadie’s forever home. We are looking forward to many many years of belly rubs and games of fetch with Sadie. Thank you again for our little girl.

Hayley & James!

Zoey – Zoey (formerly “Dot”) is the smiling black & white dog in this photo.  Here’s what Zoey’s new mom, Amethyst Guthman, sent to ARR:  I’ve got her set up with a car booster seat to match my other dog’s (Cork). My whole backseat is full with their car seats 🙂 We went hiking a few weeks ago and she loved it. Yesterday we went to the dog park and Zoey is slowly coming out of her shyness! Cork and I love her so much!! Thank you for helping me find her!!
Cosmo – From Jake, who adopted Charlie, now known as Cosmo.  “I figured it’s been awhile since I updated you on how Cosmo is doing. In short, he’s amazing! We’re bonding more and more each day it seems. He’s also incredibly smart- he’s learned about 12-15 commands/tricks already! Here’s a photo of him I took a few days ago. Thanks again for setting me up with him!”
Chessa – Chessa was adopted by the Robben family in 2013, and they shared these adorable pics with us today. Chessa was found as a stray before being taken in by ARR.  She was possibly living a terrible life as a bait dog due to multiple scars found on her body.  Chessa was fostered by Meghan Ledington and her fiance, Kevin, until she found her happy, forever home with the Robbens!  Now she’s living a pampered life as a princess, as you can see!

Pumpkin – Here’s a wonderful success story we’d like to share.  Pumpkin (now known as “Fritz”) came from a hoarding situation where he was living with 78 other dogs in a home.  He had received little socialization with people and was terrified of just about every new situation he encountered.  Hanni and her boyfriend, Sam, took Fritz under their care as a foster dog and coached him to explore new surroundings and meet new people.  Fritz slowly emerged from his shell, and eventually they felt he was ready for adoption.  Fritz had other ideas, however, and ran away from his new adoptive home before he even got inside!  Hanni and Sam helped search for him and found him hiding in some bushes near a river close to the new home.  He came running when they called, recognizing their voices.  He hadn’t responded to the calls of his potential adopters, although they had searched in the same area.

After deciding Fritz needed more time to recover from this incident, Hanni and Sam decided to adopt him and give him a forever home with them.  We think Fritz hit the jackpot, as he is obviously very happy to go on new adventures as long as Hanni and Sam are by his side.  We couldn’t be happier, and hope you enjoy these wonderful photos Hanni shared with us of a recent backpacking trip they took with Fritz!

Banjo – Banjo is the cute little guy on the right in the chair.
Message from Banjo’s new mom, Min:
Banjo is doing great. He’s a fantastic little guy. He and Riley (our other adoptee) are inseparable, have become besties. We take them running daily. He and Riley play endlessly. Also, I mentioned to you he’ll be going to basic obedience next week.

Thank you for all you do! People like you make the world a better place for homeless animals.

Banita – Today I turn 5 yrs old and 1 yr ago today my humans adopted me. They have made me very happy. Last month we got a new home with a king bed. It’s about time. I don’t know how they thought I’d have enough room on a twin bed! My canine siblings now bow (wow) to my every command, as it should be. Thanks Cat Casita for rescuing me and helping find my new family!
Bear – Here is our new baby… “Bear”. Thank you ARR, for saving this baby, so that he could make his way to our home! He is awesome, and fitting right in with the rest of the menagerie!y!
Jonah – Jonah is doing absolutely wonderfully! We did not rename him, though we do tend to call him JoJo more often than not.  He has settled into the house very well, and is good buds with our dog Cujo (just a little while ago this morning he was chasing cujo around the house and up the stairs)!  His most recent adventure in the house has involved the basement. He discovered how the kitty door to the basement works and has been fascinated with it since then.  He is such a sweet, cuddly kitty and we feel so fortunate that he liked us and you gave us the opportunity to love him!  His favorite toys are still the poof balls and a laser pointer. 🙂 he gets lots of playtime every day with both of those.  Cynthia Immel

Lola – She’s an absolute angel and makes us laugh every day. At night, she loves to sit right by your face and knead your neck. She’d be a gold medalist if kneading were an Olympic sport. She’s so loving and sweet; every day I am glad we didn’t hold out for a Siamese.

We bought her and Vincenzo a plush kitten bed in the post-Christmas sales. We put it in their room, which is upstairs. Lola has decided that she likes this bed so much that she drags it, by the mouth, all the way downstairs and places it wherever she decides to lounge. She’s done this countless times now, which amazes us, as she’s not a big cat. I now bring the bed down and put it on my desk for a few hours while I work. These photos were taken today. As you can see, she has the rough life.

Thanks again for your help with her and for not rushing us in the decision. It’s because of people like you that we’ve got such a sweet kitten.
Jennifer, Sanj, Vincenzo and Lola

Tootsie – We just had our first Valentine’s promotion adoption!!! Tootsie’s foster dad is adopting her today! Hip Hip Hooray!!!! Tootsie was originally pulled from the Denver shelter when she was around 7 years old. She was adopted out of Petco by the Science Diet rep, however, they already had 3 cats in an apartment. Poor Tootsie got beat up everyday. She was loved by that family who bawled when they surrendered her back to me. I would like to thank Casey Flanagan for originally agreeing to foster her. Now she is the only cat living with her dad. Life is good!

Luca – Many thanks! Luca (formerly named Eris) is a wonderful Puppy, we are keeping him enrolled in training classes and are enjoy watching him grow up. He makes our home and us better. We love him!

We often send pics to Sue and keep her updated. Here are a few pics of our boy:)
Thank you for all that you do for these beautiful creatures.
Yves & Carol
Sunshine – This is a kitten we adopted in November named Sunshine. We adopted her at the Loveland Petsmart and we named her Peaches.  She’s sleeping in my office in this picture.  She’s a delight.  Peaches is very interactive and social with all of us.  She doesn’t like to be by herself much and can be found with her humans most of the time.  She also has grown to really love one of our Goldens, Kona.  She curls up with him when he lays in the sun by the front door.  Nancy Hampson
Nugget – This is Nugget! We adopted him from you guys a year ago. He has been such a great addition to our family. He loves to dance on his hind legs to get your attention. He has also done wonders with our autistic son. He has helped take his fear away of most dogs. Thanks for rescuing him from Oklahoma.  Steve Wyatt and family

Ricky and Lucy – Ricky and Lucy found a year ago and getting happier and happier ever since! Ricky loves his walks and the snow while Lucy loves to “twerk” after she does her duty outside. Lucy loves to cuddle and Ricky strives to please us! Thanks for saving them from bad situations!
Pat Young

Ellie – Look at Ellie snuggled up with her new mom!  Looks like she’s happy to be warm and safe this winter!
Newman – Newman can hardly fit in his new doggie bed with all his toys!  Here’s what Newman’s mom has to say:  Tomorrow will be the one week anniversary of Newman’s coming to live with me.  It has been a great week.  He is a splendid little guy!  I took him to the horse barn where he got along straight away with all of the dogs, cats and horses. First thing, he headed for the paddock and rolled in horsepucky—four piles of it.  He was having such a good time I could only laugh.  He was fearless with the horses.   I had to make him quit playing with my horse Charlie’s tail.  That was his rough and tumble day and he was right at home like he had grown up on a ranch. The next day I took him to the nursing home to visit a friend of mine.  There he was the perfect gentleman.  He sat quietly while the residents petted him and made over him.   He seemed to bring them such joy.  He’s a natural at being a therapy dog. He sleeps quietly in his doggie bed all night.  We do our downward and upward dogs together every morning.  He does them better than I.  He loves his walks.   He cruises around Wash Park getting tons of compliments because he is so cute (I’m sure he would prefer to be thought of as handsome.)  He loves his stuffy toys.  He plays fetch with them,  but then he will divert and take them to his bed and lie on them so I can’t get them. I really appreciate him and vice versa I think!  Morgan
Casey – Casey with her new family!  Casey was found as a stray, with matted, overgrown fur.  Now look how pretty she is after a bath and an expert grooming job!  In fact, her new mom is the one who groomed her and fell in love with her!  Now she’ll stay as cute as can be with a professional groomer for a mom!
Molly – A fun update from yet another success story–Miss Molly! She came to ARR after being abandoned out in the country in Northern Colorado. Soon after getting adopted (the first time) she was returned. It wasn’t long though, before her forever family spotted her at the event in Golden this summer…just as we were wrapping up to leave for the day! Happy tails for sweet Molly 🙂
Junior – One year ago, Junior, a little cattle dog mix from New Mexico, was adopted by his foster family.  They just shared these pics with us of Junior living the good life now.  At this time last year, Junior jumped out of a car window during a thunderstorm and was missing for 7 days in the mountains near Breckenridge.  After much searching and worry, he was found safely at the top of Boreas Pass, over 12 miles from where he disappeared!  Junior looks very healthy and happy now, and he’s come a long way since he was found as a stray.  Here he’s relaxing on a hike with his dad, Dom, at Arapaho Basin, and with his big brother, Cody, willingly allowing himself to be used as a headrest!
Rasberry – Raspberry is an absolute doll.  We love her so much and she fits in like she has always been living here.  She has come out of her “kitten coma” and is just a little fireball.  She is full of energy most all of the time and LOVES to play with her toys.  She has also become best friends with our Golden Retriever, Tebow.  They are cuddle bugs.  Needless to say, she is living a very spoiled life and getting tons of love and cuddles.  Thanks.  I do want to tell you, you did a great job of socializing her to humans.  She is very social!!!
Ned – It’s official! Ned has adopted Govert, his long-time foster dad! Or maybe it’s the other way around? Whatever – we couldn’t be happier. Marjon and Govert have been fostering Ned for over a year, working with him to overcome his extreme fears of just about everything. Ned decided that Govert’s birthday was a good time to choose this as his forever home. What a long way he’s come! We first posted Ned’s picture while he was in a New Mexico shelter, cowering in a kennel with his back to the camera. It’s been a long journey, and Ned is still learning to trust people and how to be a dog. But he enjoys a long run with Govert every day and has bonded with him thoroughly. Congratulations to Ned – and our everlasting thanks goes out to Marjon and Govert for not giving up on him!

Bonita – 3 months ago today Bonita joined our family. She cried all the way from Fairplay to Co Springs. Now she travels in peace, burrowed in pillows and blankets. She has been to 16 states and is saying hello from Nashville, where, unfortunately she hasn’t met any country music star cats…yet She was very jealous of my phone and eventually took it away from me. She said if I’m a good human, I can have it back tomorrow. Thanks ARR for giving us such an amazing little lady!!!

Amy Miller

Odie – Odie with his new best friends! What a success story! Odie was brought up from La Junta during a big blizzard in April 2013. He was covered in bites and wounds from head to toe; look how pretty he has healed! He passed his obedience classes, has three awesome little kids to play with and gets to jog regularly with his mom; happy doggie!
Max – We just wanted to give you an update on “Abner”. We renamed him Max. He’s adjusted well and we just love having him. Thought you might want to see an updated picture of him and his new family. Thank you for letting him be part of our family!
Chance – Wow!  Look how much Chance has grown up in just 7 months!  Here’s a before and after photo of Chance, one of the “C” puppies fostered in Loveland by Karen DiNoia.  Chance was adopted into a wonderful family, and they love him.  Look how much bigger he is than their 6-year old boy!
Marley – Anakin, a.k.a. “Marley” – snuggling with his new little boy.  Looks like this kitty has found a snuggly lap to call home!  Vanessa, Marley’s new mom, says he’s fitting in very well!!
Bodi – Here’s an email we received from one of our adopters, Stacey, who brought Bodi into their home through ARR:  “Thought I would share a picture of one of our family members we adopted from ARR. This is Bodi’s first camping trip. He was pretty nervous the first night up there but after that he loved it – chewing sticks, chasing bugs, listening to noises in the woods, etc. Happy Dog! =0)

Abby – Abby is obviously happy to be with her new mom and dad on the drive home and immediately settled into her new home comfortably.  Here’s what her adopters, Samantha and Levi, have to say:

“We have made our decision and we are so excited to make Roxie (now Abby) an official member of our family! She fits right in and we are SO in love with her. I’m not sure of the name of the foster family that we met, but if you happen to know them we would love to thank them for providing such a great foster home for her. You can tell that they really handled her well and made the transition much easier for her.

Thank you so much! I have attached a picture of her with one of our other dogs and with us. She and Rockie are inseparable!”


Edward – Is there anything more heartwarming than a boy and his dog?  These pictures of Edward, adopted as a tiny puppy, and now enjoying life to the fullest with his new family, are sure to make you smile!  Edward’s family writes, “Edward is very happy in his forever home, as are we to have him with us.  He is sweet and affectionate and about the silliest dog we have ever seen.  All three of our puppies (2 human and one dog) play incessantly.  A happy match for everyone.”
Aspen – Aspen, the white and orange kitty snuggling with the family dog, is a walking miracle – literally.  Born with a severe deformity in his front legs, Aspen struggled to learn to walk.  When he was a tiny kitten, his funny bowlegged gait looked adorable, but veterinarians were concerned that he wouldn’t be able to walk as he grew.  Specialists were consulted by ARR and surgery was recommended as a possibility, along with leg braces.  But Aspen had other ideas!  He didn’t know that his walk was funny, and he proceeded to surprise his foster parents and all of us at ARR.  As he grew, he continued to walk on his own, and although he’ll never walk normally, he gets around quite well now.  And the best news is that Aspen’s foster parents decided to adopt him!  Now he’ll be able to snuggle wtih the dog daily, and no one will care that he’s bowlegged!

Duke – Duke (formerly Durango) weighs 30 lbs. He finished beginning training class and is now on advanced training. I am so excited that I kept him. He is a great dog with a great disposition. I love him so much. He goes to puppy day care 2-3 times a week, while I am at work. When I am at home, he gets his 3 walks a day.  He is so good with my grandchildren. He loves to sleep in our bed with us, which is fine with me.

Everyone loves his disposition.  They can’t believe he is such a good dog. He can be pretty rowdy and give the cats a run for their money, but to watch him run through the snow with his big ears flapping is awesome.  He loves to ride in the car.  When I think of how close I came to giving him back, it makes me so sad. Thank you for being a great foster mom to him, we talk about you all the time. I am sending you some pictures so you can see how he looks.hank you again for everything that you did for Duke. I miss him when we are not together. Randy feels left out sometimes, but that’s ok.

Cagney – Here’s a happy puppy!  CAGNEY was adopted as a little puppy by the Nelson family in Parker, Colorado.  They just shared this new picture of Cagney taking swimming lessons!  Cagney has completed her puppy training classes and is becoming a very well-behaved family member.

Coby – Coby was in various ARR foster homes for 2 years until he finally found his forever home!  What a journey this little guy has had. This is why we do what we do!!  A dog for every home and a home for every dog.  Here’s a note we received from his new home:

Hi – just wanted to send you some pictures of Coby and his brother Dungey. He is doing really well and getting used to his surroundings more and more. He loves us and Dungey! Hes still a little skittish and shakes from time to time but I don’t blame him, new place and all. Walks are a blast and he goes everywhere with Dungey in the snow of the backyard. He’s learned to use the doggie door with no issues and has a wonderful appetite. Thank you for taking care of him for the past months. I know he misses you guys and says hi 🙂  Shannon & Ryan


Frankie – Frankie is doing great in her new home.  Here’s an update we received from Kelly, his new mom:  “Frankie is doing GREAT – she is such a wonderful dog and we are so happy to have been able to make her a part of the family. She’s settling in well with no apparent issues. I’m attaching a couple of pictures of her, if you would please share them with the rest of the ARR staff I’d appreciate it.”


Cotton – the white dog pictured on the right – came to ARR from the La Junta, Colorado shelter.  She had given birth to puppies, and was taken into foster care to find a home of her own.  Luckily for Cotton, Bill Walters opened his heart and home to help her learn to trust and know what it’s like to be safe and loved!  Here’s an update we received from Bill:

“She is doing fine, still a work in progress with her fear of most things.  That will take time. She has put on weight, gets along great with my dog Dakota (she feels safer following Dakota’s lead). I take her to the dog park to play and run. She comes with me to my store every day, so she is never alone. She is 99% potty trained, harder to work with her because you can’t raise your voice to scold her or she is a basket case for a day. So I just say “no” firmly and that is plenty. She is smart and has a good heart. As you can see, she shares Dakota’s sleeping spot. I will take good care of her.”

Rue – Rue, formally know as Jade, has been an amazing addition to our lives. We adopted her at six months and she’ll be two in May. At first she was shy, low-key, and leery of strangers. Today she’s energetic, outgoing, and endlessly affectionate. Rue enjoys daily walks, scent work games, food, neck scratches, and off-leash dog parks. We truly feel our lives have been made better by the addition of our wonderful dog. Thank you Animal Rescue of the Rockies!

Jen & James
Boo – Boo (formerly known as BoBo) was adopted over a year ago by his new mom, who sent us an updated picture of him enjoying his backyard retreat!  Boo brings his new mom such joy and makes her laugh all the time.  Boo can go in and out of his doggie door all day if he wants.  He loves to run around the backyard.  He has a dog house outside too, just in case he wants to go in it, but of course, he is an inside doggie.  He loves to play with her cat as well!  They are best friends!!

Brazos – We wanted to share with you a great success story. We adopted BRAZOS last July from ARR. He has become such a wonderful part of our family. He now is also famous in the of leash dog park pass world. My husband works for Colorado State Parks and Wildlife and has the priveldge to design passes every year. For this next year Brazos is featured on every pass. Thought you might enjoy!

Thanks again,
Rhiannon and Patrick Kennedy

Shido Dawg – What a mixture of feelings. We picked up the urn containing Bruno and Nero’s ashes the other day; along with the clay paw prints that were taken before they were cremated. Tears were shed – again. Later that night, Pete and I decided to permanently adopt a senior dog who had been dumped at the shelter and left to possibly live out his last few years not knowing if he was going to make it out of there alive. He was pulled from the shelter, fostered and after a trial period to make sure he would get along with our pups, we decided to give him a place to rest his bones and live out retirement.

Please meet Bushido “Shido Dawg” Lawrence. Bushido was already his given name and means “the way of the warrior” in Japanese. We shortened it to Shido and added Dawg as a tribute to Kikkin’ Wing who saved him under “My Fairy Dawg Mother’s Hound Rescue” umbrella. He’s on the far left and as you can see, fitting in just fine with some of his sisters. Bruno and Nero would’ve wanted us to give him a chance and we are so glad we did. Thank you Animal Rescue of the Rockies, Jenni Leigh, Jessica Wood, Kikkin’ Wing and everyone else who saved Bushido from the shelter. You’re helping us mend our broken hearts!

Prissy and Sweatpea – Finding ARR on Petfinder was probably the BEST thing that has happened to me!  I adopted the two sweetest, most loveable, squirrel-crazy and happy Dachshunds! Their Foster mom was spot on when she described them to me and my heart melted when I first met them and still does everyday!They have such opposite personalities but that just makes them who they are! One is a momma’s girl and is my Velcro child and the other is Miss Independent but loves her snuggle time with me! I love being with them because they make me so happy and giving them a forever home only makes it better! These girls are my little family and we do everything together! So thank you, ARR, for saving my two precious little Noodles! Here is a picture of them: a friend did a photo shoot.  My little Brindle is PRISSY (was Lilly) and my fawn is SWEETPEA (was Callie)!  Ashley Bjorkman

Please meet Bushido “Shido Dawg” Lawrence. Bushido was already his given name and means “the way of the warrior” in Japanese. We shortened it to Shido and added Dawg as a tribute to Kikkin’ Wing who saved him under “My Fairy Dawg Mother’s Hound Rescue” umbrella. He’s on the far left and as you can see, fitting in just fine with some of his sisters. Bruno and Nero would’ve wanted us to give him a chance and we are so glad we did. Thank you Animal Rescue of the Rockies, Jenni Leigh, Jessica Wood, Kikkin’ Wing and everyone else who saved Bushido from the shelter. You’re helping us mend our broken hearts!

Thunderpaw – Thunderpaw is a Shepherd/Pug mix that was in our foster system for just over four months. He is an unusual looking dog, around 25 pounds. He has a wonderful personality: not too hyper, not too calm; good with any adults, kids, cats, other dogs. He likes to play tag and fetch.

I was his foster for just over two months when I met Mirandah. She fell in love with ThunderPaw immediately. However, she didn’t have a completely fenced yard. She worked with her family to make sure everyone wanted him, and with family help, finished the backyard fence. I got an email a few days later from Mirandah (after the adoption) with a video of ThunderPaw in his forever home. This could not have been a better match for ThunderPaw. He had a family with kids that could play with him. To this day I still think about him and miss him.

Alvin – a black lab/chow mix was a part of a litter of puppies with A.R.R. He was 14 weeks old when we adopted him. My family was searching for a dog to add to our family. We fell in love with Alvin on sight. At the same time we adopted Alvin, we started fostering Thunderpaw. Alvin was and still is to this day the perfect match for our family. We are searching for a pal for him but it’s going to be really hard finding someone this perfect a second time. He is now almost a year old and is very loved by everyone here.

Alvin is a solid member of this family, and always will be.

Anna – Anna came into the Farmington NM Animal Shelter barking and growling.  They were going to put her down, thinking she was too aggressive to be adoptable.  However, ARR’s volunteer, Kelly Lombardo, asked if they were sure it wasn’t fear-based aggression?  Sure enough the worker began spending time with Anna and discovered Anna to be a sweet dog after all.  While the workers try not to form bonds with the animals, it was difficult for this worker to see Anna leave to go to a Denver foster home.

Anna came to my house and was the best foster I’d ever had.  She got along great with my shepherds, played with the neighborhood kids and was very affectionate.  I never saw her growl once.  She had 7 inquiries to adopt her, the most I’ve ever received for a dog.  She ended up with a wonderful family who was so happy with her that he helped me put the word out on my next foster dog who was adopted by an acquaintance of his.  Another happy customer!

Oakley – Oakley a one-year old boxer mix, was adopted by a trainer at American Dog School after A.R.R. sent him there for socialization.  Oakley was transported to ARR from the Montrose, CO area where he had been living in the woods for 3 months with his two sisters after they had been abandoned by someone at the tender age of 2 months!  Oakley’s sisters were captured and adopted out quickly, but Oakley was too terrified of anyone approaching him, so he lived by himself in the woods for another month before he was finally trapped.  The Montrose shelter was going to euthanize him due to his extreme fearfulness of humans, so ARR agreed to take him and place him in a training program, as he was only 5 months old!  Karen drove to Denver to meet the woman who drove Oakley from Montrose.

Oakley lived at the American Dog School for months, receiving socialization and training.  His progress was slow but he steadily improved, and one of the trainers fell in love with him and adopted him!  She continues to work with him to introduce him to people. He loves other dogs and loves to play.
April 2011 update from Oakley’s new mom …“At first he was very timid and nervous and still is at times, but really starting to break free of it!!  We took him on a trip to New Mexico with us;  he was hiking off leash, playing in the white sands, and relaxing.  He loves other dogs, and people he kind of steers clear, but will accept a petting.”

Peanut – Peanut was our first foster dog with A.R.R. and because we adopted him… our last! He stole my heart the moment I laid eyes on him, crazy fur and all. We were nervous to see if he’d get along with our weimaraners. Yet from day 1, little 7lb. Peanut put Maddie an 80lb. weim and Hoss a 90lb weim in their places. Peanut is the boss and the alpha of our newly formed pack, he has no idea he is a little dog. Everything this tiny lap dog does is “magical” and his huge personality is contagious. Peanut is truly one of a kind and we are so blessed he was rescued by A.R.R. and that he found his way into our home and our family!

The “H” Family

Doolittle – Doolittle spends most of his time in his new mom’s arms or lap.  He sleeps at the bottom of her bed under the covers by her feet. He loves to bark at the window (guard dog)!  He tilts his head when she talks to him. After several different bags of food he finally decided that he liked Blue Buffalo.  Doolittle just got groomed so he looks handsome and smells pretty!


Mattie – Mattie a 3-year old female basset, came to live with me on March 9, 2011. I have had many bassets over the years and recently lost one after 14 years.  I had intended to wait a long time to allow another dog into my life but one look at Mattie on your website stole my heart.  The process of adopting Mattie was very thorough but smooth; all of the volunteers working for your organization are passionate about their cause and great to work with.  Mattie is very smart and wants to please so is easy to train.  She is still very timid around others, except my immediate family, but we are working on that and she is making progress.  When it is just the two of us, though, it is heaven.  She makes me smile and laugh and my heart is <> happy.  We adore one another.  I thank you for saving her for me.

Buller – My name is Laura Miller, two years ago tomorrow (3/19) I adopted my dog Buller from your rescue. You mentioned that at some time in the future you guys would appreciate a few pictures of Buller and myself, I’ve attached two in this email.

Buller was called “Miller” when he was with you, I changed his name to prevent confusion between my name and his. I am a rugby player with the Glendale Raptors and most of my teammates call me Miller. Buller is the name of the dog in one of my favorite books “West with the Night” so I thought it was a good fit.
Today Buller is incredibly happy. When I got him he was very shy and scared although I could tell that being in his foster home had helped him to start to come out of this shell. Today he is very active, spending lots of time with me hiking and training for rugby. He is so much more confident now, it’s incredible the difference between now and when I first met him.
Below are two pictures. Thank you so much for taking him in, he is my constant companion.