Rainbow Bridge Tributes
Thank you for visiting our Rainbow Bridge Page.  Here we honor the memories of wonderful pets who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  In spirit they remain with us forever.  We wish them happy, joy-filled days running and playing with all the other special pets on the other side.


Charlie passed away peacefully at home after suffering from complications of diabetes. He was found as a stray in Summit County and was FIV+. Despite the fact that he was never a snuggly cat, he was very loved and pampered by us in his final years.  Charlie had such soulful, wise eyes and a regal quality about him. He will be deeply missed.


Jeb came from a northern Colorado outdoor cat colony in July of 2017, and he was lucky to be adopted as a kitten. He passed away in July, 2020 due to kidney failure and his loving family is left heartbroken. He was a goofy fun cat who lived a very happy life but was taken from them way too soon.


10 years ago, we brought home this wild pup,  Grady. He drove us absolutely insane and we loved every minute with him. This morning he crossed the rainbow bridge. It was unexpected and he followed his fury sister who passed just two weeks ago.

Thank you so much for bringing this spirit into our lives. Our home and camper will be much quieter now. Our hearts are broken.


Molly Elizabeth Kranz, was born October 1, 2006 in the Bahamas. She was rescued from a life of pain and starvation and brought to Colorado. During such an adoption event we walked past her and that’s when she decided on us. In July of 2013; Molly rescued us. She filled an aching hole in our hearts, and gave us so much love and tenderness.

Her gentleness extended out to everyone that she met. She was a lover, for sure! She had so many allergies and ailments, but she lived her life like every other furry friend- happy and knowing that she was loved.
In August we got news that her health turned bad but had hope that with meds that we may have time still. The medicine seemed to have worked for awhile, then her eyesight went. She had her good days and bad days, but Cancer took its toll on her.

Molly Elizabeth is pain free as of this afternoon. November 18, 2019. She will be missed by all that has loved her so dearly, ARR, the Vets, Meghan, especially her daddy and I.

Jerry and Rose Kranz

We will keep you guys in mind when we start looking for a new furbaby. Keep us in mind too if one comes a long that would be a good fit.
Ernie had a good life with us, he got to go play on the beach, camping, traveled everywhere with us, he had a doggie daycare when I worked long days so he wasn’t lonely, he had quite the wardrobe and wore it proudly. He got to be classroom helper with me sometimes at my daughter’s school and he got to be a honorary service dog once in a while at the hospice I work for.
I hope we change another dog’s life for the better someday.
Bless you all for all you do with saving dog’s lives. Hope we can adopt from you in the future.
Have a nice day.

Red (BAMF)
June 2nd of 2013, my husband and I went to Petsmart in Loveland to buy dog food for our other dog Rock, and we came home with a 130lbs Rottweiler, named Red! We had our hand’s full with two large boys in the house but loved every minute of it! Unfortunately about one year later Red went into cardiac arrest and we almost lost him twice. We would like thank the VCA and CSU for working quickly too save his life and installing a pacemaker. He was back to being Big Red almost immediately. We had to put our beloved lab down in October of 2014, having Red with us made mourning the loss of Rock easier. Although Big Red was intimidating he had a way of welcoming people by leaning against them and making them pet him. Red was the biggest baby ever! We had a wonderful three and a half years with Red! Thou he did cost a small fortune, we would not change a thing. We have many memories and countless picture’s, he will forever be missed!
With Love,
Mommy and Daddy

A beautiful tribute to a very special dog.  Please take the time to click on it and read it

Mei-Li (Monkey)
Mei-Li (formerly Monkey) lost her fight with kidney failure after much effort and loving treatment from her adoptive parents, Ann and John Cochran. We’re grateful to Ann and John for giving Mei-Li such a wonderful home, albeit too short. g.

Last night our sweet boy Chaplin lost his fight to a infection that caused excess fluid in his lungs. Please say a little prayer for our brave boy that he is over that rainbow bridge playing with all those kitties before him. He was so strong to the end I love you sweet boy & will miss you everyday! Rest In Peace Chaplin!

Kilo (aka Winky)
Kilo (aka Winky) passed away the evening of August 21, 2012, almost a year after he was put on hospice for a heart condition. He became a foster dog with Animal Rescue of the Rockies in May 2011 after being abandoned on a county road in LaJunta with an infected eye. Karen Martiny and ARR really stepped up to the plate for Kilo, having his infected eye removed and placing him in foster care. Having been badly abused, Kilo was slow to trust, but through the efforts of ARR, he spent his final year at least knowing what it felt like to be loved. Kilo is a fine example of why we do this work. I feel so privileged to have been one of his foster moms.

Tybo was the wonderful companion of Caroline, our amazing NOCO foster coordinator. Tybo lived a wonderful 13 years. He was wise beyond his years, and the best companion anyone could have hoped for; so loyal and loving. From Caroline: While I know your body is gone my heart will ache until the day I meet you again on the rainbow bridge. I was so lucky to have you in this world as long as I did. Rest in peace Tybo buddy, I miss you, SO much!

Carli was the beloved companion of one of ARR’s best volunteers. She lived a full life and was deeply loved. Carli was a wonderful old girl, full of personality. She is pictured with her favorite volleyball that she would always chase, but never retrieve.!