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Be a Superhero!

By giving monthly, you become a member of Animal Rescue of the Rockies’ Lifesaver’s League–a special group of people who are committed to saving the lives of at-risk cats and dogs.

Why give monthly?

Because even a little can go a long way! For less than the price of a latté, you can help save more lives in the months and years ahead! Your monthly gift enables us to plan ahead for animal care.  If we know we have enough funding to pay for veterinary care, we can save more pets from losing their lives in overcrowded shelters.

Lifesaver’s League Members are Superheroes!

At ARR, we live for the day when there is no more need for animal shelters because every homeless, abandoned, or neglected dog and cat is in a safe, loving home. Your monthly gift gives homeless animals a second chance at life!

12 gifts in 12 months =
Saving Lives all Year Long

In 2019, ARR placed over 1,800 pets into their forever homes. By being a member of our Lifesaver’s League, you play an important role in helping many more animals receive everything they need to prepare them for a second chance at life in a forever home.

The Lifesaver’s League monthly giving program is an easy, affordable way to make a BIG difference! Signing up is quick an easy; just fill out the form below. You will then be set up in our secure system and your tax-deductible gift will start saving lives right away.

Join our Lifesaver’s League today and enjoy:

  • Hassle-free automatic monthly donations.
  • The ability to change or suspend your donation at any time.
  • Special updates with heartwarming stories and photos.
  • The knowledge that your donation will save the lives of at-risk dogs and cats.

If you have any questions about giving monthly, please email us at

Your monthly donation to ARR (all donations) are tax deductible.