by | Apr 19, 2021 | Success Stories

Have you ever heard of a “flank spay?” A flank spay is a spay procedure in which the veterinarians go through the muscle in the pet’s flank to perform the procedure, instead of going through the pet’s abdomen. Flank spays are uncommon in the US due to the painful recovery process, but they are done frequently in the UK!

One of ARR’s cat rescues, Zoe, had to undergo this procedure back in March due to a condition that she has called Manx syndrome, which results in a weakened back end. Because of Manx syndrome, Zoe is unable to have excrements without assistance. With her weakened back end, a regular spay was not a safe option for Zoe, so a flank spay was completed instead.

The flank spay procedure went very well, and Zoe made a speedy recovery! She was back to her normal self quickly, and was ready to run and play even before she took her morning pain meds. Now, Zoe is thriving and back to normal!