by | Jan 3, 2022 | Success Stories

Winston was adopted about a year ago (at that time, he was named Whistle) and his foster mom, Ashlee, received this very happy update from his new mom!

“We drove by your complex where we picked up Winston, who was called Whistle when we adopted him. You were right about him not answering to Whistle, and we found a name that worked with you calling him Win/Winnie. He took right to it.  He’s just been with us for over a year now, and we are so happy we got him. He had total separation anxiety and escaped a few times in the beginning. He now has a tracker even though he doesn’t do that anymore. He still greets dogs in a way that doesn’t sound friendly, but the dogs know he’s playing. He goes to doggy daycare with big and small dogs about 1x a week to help him stay social.  We’ve got a few friends’ dogs that he has bonded with too. He’s learned some manners and tricks. Of course, we could always be better about that, but he’s perfectly trained for us. Overall, he’s pretty spoiled.  He’s got a huge yard to chase squirrels in. He’s definitely a little hunter…grasshoppers, crickets, moths, mice, spiders, and even a crawfish have been caught by him. It’s very useful in showing us what needs to get cleaned up or moved around in the yard.  He gets to hang with my Mom most days while my husband and I are at work, so he never lacks attention or snuggles time. Here are some pictures of him now. I tried to give you a well-rounded assortment. He’s a little bigger than when he was with you. The vets now think he was closer to a year than 2 when we got him.  He’s still the same handsome dog though.”