Success Story – Oakley

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Success Stories

Oakley – Oakley a one-year old boxer mix, was adopted by a trainer at American Dog School after A.R.R. sent him there for socialization.  Oakley was transported to ARR from the Montrose, CO area where he had been living in the woods for 3 months with his two sisters after they had been abandoned by someone at the tender age of 2 months!  Oakley’s sisters were captured and adopted out quickly, but Oakley was too terrified of anyone approaching him, so he lived by himself in the woods for another month before he was finally trapped.  The Montrose shelter was going to euthanize him due to his extreme fearfulness of humans, so ARR agreed to take him and place him in a training program, as he was only 5 months old!  Karen drove to Denver to meet the woman who drove Oakley from Montrose.

Oakley lived at the American Dog School for months, receiving socialization and training.  His progress was slow but he steadily improved, and one of the trainers fell in love with him and adopted him!  She continues to work with him to introduce him to people. He loves other dogs and loves to play.
April 2011 update from Oakley’s new mom …“At first he was very timid and nervous and still is at times, but really starting to break free of it!!  We took him on a trip to New Mexico with us;  he was hiking off leash, playing in the white sands, and relaxing.  He loves other dogs, and people he kind of steers clear, but will accept a petting.”