Success Story – Newman

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Success Stories

Newman – Newman can hardly fit in his new doggie bed with all his toys!  Here’s what Newman’s mom has to say:  Tomorrow will be the one week anniversary of Newman’s coming to live with me.  It has been a great week.  He is a splendid little guy!  I took him to the horse barn where he got along straight away with all of the dogs, cats and horses. First thing, he headed for the paddock and rolled in horsepucky—four piles of it.  He was having such a good time I could only laugh.  He was fearless with the horses.   I had to make him quit playing with my horse Charlie’s tail.  That was his rough and tumble day and he was right at home like he had grown up on a ranch. The next day I took him to the nursing home to visit a friend of mine.  There he was the perfect gentleman.  He sat quietly while the residents petted him and made over him.   He seemed to bring them such joy.  He’s a natural at being a therapy dog. He sleeps quietly in his doggie bed all night.  We do our downward and upward dogs together every morning.  He does them better than I.  He loves his walks.   He cruises around Wash Park getting tons of compliments because he is so cute (I’m sure he would prefer to be thought of as handsome.)  He loves his stuffy toys.  He plays fetch with them,  but then he will divert and take them to his bed and lie on them so I can’t get them. I really appreciate him and vice versa I think!  Morgan