Success Story – Lola

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Success Stories

Lola – She’s an absolute angel and makes us laugh every day. At night, she loves to sit right by your face and knead your neck. She’d be a gold medalist if kneading were an Olympic sport. She’s so loving and sweet; every day I am glad we didn’t hold out for a Siamese.

We bought her and Vincenzo a plush kitten bed in the post-Christmas sales. We put it in their room, which is upstairs. Lola has decided that she likes this bed so much that she drags it, by the mouth, all the way downstairs and places it wherever she decides to lounge. She’s done this countless times now, which amazes us, as she’s not a big cat. I now bring the bed down and put it on my desk for a few hours while I work. These photos were taken today. As you can see, she has the rough life.

Thanks again for your help with her and for not rushing us in the decision. It’s because of people like you that we’ve got such a sweet kitten.
Jennifer, Sanj, Vincenzo and Lola