Success Story – Cotton

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Success Stories

Cotton – the white dog pictured on the right – came to ARR from the La Junta, Colorado shelter.  She had given birth to puppies, and was taken into foster care to find a home of her own.  Luckily for Cotton, Bill Walters opened his heart and home to help her learn to trust and know what it’s like to be safe and loved!  Here’s an update we received from Bill:

“She is doing fine, still a work in progress with her fear of most things.  That will take time. She has put on weight, gets along great with my dog Dakota (she feels safer following Dakota’s lead). I take her to the dog park to play and run. She comes with me to my store every day, so she is never alone. She is 99% potty trained, harder to work with her because you can’t raise your voice to scold her or she is a basket case for a day. So I just say “no” firmly and that is plenty. She is smart and has a good heart. As you can see, she shares Dakota’s sleeping spot. I will take good care of her.”