Success Story – Colby

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Success Stories

Coby – Coby was in various ARR foster homes for 2 years until he finally found his forever home!  What a journey this little guy has had. This is why we do what we do!!  A dog for every home and a home for every dog.  Here’s a note we received from his new home:

Hi – just wanted to send you some pictures of Coby and his brother Dungey. He is doing really well and getting used to his surroundings more and more. He loves us and Dungey! He’s still a little skittish and shakes from time to time but I don’t blame him, new place and all. Walks are a blast and he goes everywhere with Dungey in the snow of the backyard. He’s learned to use the doggie door with no issues and has a wonderful appetite. Thank you for taking care of him for the past months. I know he misses you guys and says hi 🙂  Shannon & Ryan