Success Story – Anna

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Success Stories

Anna – Anna came into the Farmington NM Animal Shelter barking and growling.  They were going to put her down, thinking she was too aggressive to be adoptable.  However, ARR’s volunteer, Kelly Lombardo, asked if they were sure it wasn’t fear-based aggression?  Sure enough the worker began spending time with Anna and discovered Anna to be a sweet dog after all.  While the workers try not to form bonds with the animals, it was difficult for this worker to see Anna leave to go to a Denver foster home.

Anna came to my house and was the best foster I’d ever had.  She got along great with my shepherds, played with the neighborhood kids and was very affectionate.  I never saw her growl once.  She had 7 inquiries to adopt her, the most I’ve ever received for a dog.  She ended up with a wonderful family who was so happy with her that he helped me put the word out on my next foster dog who was adopted by an acquaintance of his.  Another happy customer!