by | Mar 11, 2021 | Success Stories

We love Foster Fails – Sweet Peaches was adopted by her foster, Jeany, on March 6th. We are so happy that Peaches found her forever home, and she has made a huge impact on Jeany and her family’s lives. Here is what Jeany has to say about Peaches:

“She has become a part of our family and the thought of adopting her out would just make a big void in our hearts and home. My dad fell yesterday and she alerted us to his fall. She would not let the paramedics come near him – she sat next to him until we had to pick her up and take her into the house. She has just become so attached to us all. He is okay, and Peaches stayed with him all night. Any time he moved, she came and got me.  She has just made such an impact on my family, and I feel that she feels the same.”