Florence and Tera

by | Mar 21, 2021 | Success Stories

Florence and Tera were adopted together in early March- and their story is a special one! 4 year old Florence came to Jade, one of ARR’s wonderful cat fosters, from Nebraska after having an arm removed during an emergency surgery that was caused by her getting stuck in an inhumane raccoon trap. She entered into Jade’s loving home after the amputation, but Jade quickly realized that the first surgery did not removed Florence’s shoulder, which was causing her a lot of pain. This led to her second amputation surgery.

Following her recovery, Florence began to come out of her shell and tried to make friends with Jade’s resident cat, who was not pleased with that! This led to Jade’s decision to get Florence a friend that would be more accepting… Tera! Through reaching out to other ARR fosters, Jade was able to find Tera and introduce her to Florence. Tera has had a rough past as well. Before even turning a year old, sweet Tera lost all of her siblings to FIP. Her loneliness ended when she met Florence! At first, Florence was apprehensive of Tera, but Tera’s persistence to make a friend paid off. Florence eventually began to groom Tera, which was the start of their beautiful friendship! Although Tera’s kitten energy still annoys Florence sometimes, this energy gave Florence the boost of confidence that she needed. Florence began to walk around more, and even started to jump around to higher levels on the cat tree. Now, she gives Tera lots of snuggles and cleanings, and their sweet friendship continues to blossom in their new home! Their furever dad has the patience and love to allow them to continue to grow, so these two pals are thriving!