Ellie and Leia

by | Mar 6, 2022 | Success Stories

These double-blind girls were pulled from Texas back in September. They were placed at Pet Supplies Plus, where they stayed for about a month in hopes that they would get more visibility from potential adopters. This unfortunately didn’t lead to anything, so they were moved back into foster care. A patron of Pet Supplies Plus then posted them on NextDoor and a woman saw the posting! Turns out that she was an educator of blind and visually impaired students for 37 years, and she fell in love with these two immediately! Here is what their new mom says: “The girls settled in immediately. Seem happy and comfortable, wrestling with each other and playing. They walk around here and jump up and down on furniture, knowing where their litter box and food are. You wouldn’t know they are blind. Ellie especially loves Pru and grooms her! It’s been fascinating to watch them.” Congratulations to this happy family!