Chillie, Frito, and Tuffy

by | Apr 15, 2021 | Success Stories

Melissa adopted 3 cats from ARR – here are their stories!

“My ARR story started after my sweet Olie died at 18 ½ years young… he was my fur bestie since he was abandoned under a deck, the last of his litter to get homed. I was heartbroken, of course. I’d had him since he was a kitten. I live alone and grew up always having pets, so as much as I wanted to honor Olie’s passing, I was eager to mend a broken heart and have a fur bestie again, so I first found Chillie (nee Hoagie). I had been looking on various sites for “the one” who spoke to me, and this guy… lion cut as he was, captured my heart! And his name was reminiscent of my beloved step-dad (some called him Hogie) who died a few years ago, so I thought it was kismet.

I went to meet Chillie the day or so after Christmas and he was so charming! He has dreamy eyes that suck you in and was pretty lovey. I renamed him Chillie because he is so chill… nothing phases him. He was a street cat before finding me (with a lion cut to prove it – he was so matted when they brought him in), so I think he was a tough guy and hard to rattle! He moves and jumps with the grace of a lion. In fact, his middle name is Leonidas!

I had always thought having two cats would be perfect because they’d have a pal to keep them company when I was at work or gone on weekend trips. So I kept my eye out for another… And very quickly I saw Bon Bon, who Gretchen was fostering. Bon Bon reminded me of Olie’s buff coloring and I thought it would be a nice homage… But when I met Bon Bon he was skittish and fearful, so I didn’t  “bond bond” with him, LOL. But Gretchen mentioned, somewhat reluctantly, that Bon Bon’s brother had just been returned from an attempted adoptee after three months living in a home with a scary dog. (Returned due to their household, not the kitty himself). Pecos, as he was named then, is a dark orange kitty boy, and was a little more outgoing than Bon Bon, though a tad shy. I felt so sorry for him having been returned and long-story short, I took him home the next day!

Then came Tuffy about 6-7 months later. I love my two boys – and they love each other sooooo much – but neither was loving on me! I wanted a lap kitty, someone super affectionate. Gretchen mentioned she had a bottle-kitten (found as the only survivor of her litter at 3 days old… fighting to stay alive!) who by August 2020 was almost at enough weight to be spayed and adopted… Gretchen said she was VERY special. And she was! Originally “Martha,” I renamed her Tuffy for her spunky will to survive and the huge tufts of hair in her ears! She looked like a little muppet, kinda scraggly. I met her and was instantly in love. Took her home the next day.

So the three are very lovey to one another. Chillie (6 yrs old) and Frito (almost 2) act like long-lost brothers… snuggling and sleeping in a basket or on a perch together. Chillie is regal and a bit judgy of the other younger cats. He sleeps in whatever room I am in and keeps watch at the foot of the bed. Slow to like treats, he now asks for them and is starting to hang out on the couch with me.

Frito is skittish, hides when visitors come over, but is playful (and talky, like ginger cats are) at night and lovey when he’s sleepy. He always looks like he’s smiling when I pet him…so handsome! He has the making of a lap cat once he grows up and stops being so intense!

Tuffy (10 months) is a messy lump of fur. She was born without bristles on her tongue (papillae), so she’s a sloppy bather (no built-in comb for her!) and she kisses like a dog – so sweet! She loves to play and even has some crinkle balls we play fetch with – once she returned the crinkle ball 8 times in a row! She is starting to be adventurous by jumping and pouncing more, testing her distance capabilities… often copying her big brothers’ moves (chewing on plants).

All three are very compatible and they love watching “Bird TV” out the front window. Birdfeeders are like cable for cats! There are no bad catitudes among them – all love each other and groom each other constantly. Sometimes I luck out and get all three on the bed with me, but they all have various favorite napping spots in the house… generally Frito’s favorite spot is nestled next to Chillie, which usually ends up with Chillie leaving the spot.”

Thank you so much Melissa for sharing your story – we are so glad that you have found your perfect matches, and that these kitties found their furever home!