by | Mar 16, 2021 | Success Stories

Here is Boomer – a Husky mix who was adopted by Kristen in February. Kristen is happy to report that Boomer has moved in to his new home like he owns the place! This sweet boy truly loves the company of his people. He also loves to lounge and relax, but he also enjoys a good game of fetch. Like any good boy, he is very food/ treat motivated and has been learning all kinds of tricks recently, such as paw, high five, and stay.
Boomer also loves to be outdoors and go for walks and hikes, which is great because Kristen likes to hike and go for backpacking trips, too! He is great on a leash and out in public, too. Accompanying his mom to brewery patios has been something that they have enjoyed recently! Congrats Boomer and Kristen for finding your perfect match 🙂